A word from Charlie Smallbone

One of my favourite items of furniture has always been the farmhouse table - the ultimate practical centre to a kitchen- a place to eat your food, to discuss the issues of the day- lives are lived around this supremely practical item.

One day many years ago now, I was asked if I might consider making a kitchen for someone - something different to the German kitchens which were at the time becoming a feature in households across UK.

I said yes immediately - the challenge to create a space that was both functional and social was irresistible. So we set about designing a kitchen which had a large table at its centre. 40 years on from this seminal moment in my career, this same issue still excites me, to try to do better.

I still want to improve the way we can enjoy our time in our home. Kitchens are personal. Of course function matters.

What is done in the kitchen - the alchemy of food preparation - sets the tone for how a family lives its life. But to enhance quality of life, this space needs more than just function. 

During my career, kitchens have evolved exponentially, but we still strive for the same qualities of function, and for the best quality of life. With my designs for Ledbury Studio I am looking for smooth functionality, with an emphasis on space to cook, live and entertain. 

My new kitchens combine the integrity of beautiful materials with the best of modern technology, and the exceptional skills of our team at Ledbury Studio. 

My new designs have been inspired by these ideas. I did not want “complex” for its own sake, but I wanted beautiful original materials, shown in a new light, in schemes that work, put together by people who have a real skill and a passion for their work.

Inevitably this is not cheap. But I think you will see the value and the attraction in these designs - drama comes from the materials and the way in which they are worked. We are a small but very experienced team at Ledbury Studio. We make unique furniture. As a company, we deal in what we understand is a specialist subject - and our ultimate objective is to realise our special designs in the homes of our clients.

Charlie Smallbone

Ledbury Studio kitchen cupboard