Hand painted Ledbury Studio Shaker cupboard

The Ledbury Walnut Table

We wanted to design a real statement table for the Ledbury Studio showroom, and found the most beautiful piece of timber imaginable, the heart of the trunk of a 300 year old walnut tree that had blown down in a gale in January 2012, on a drive close to Sudeley Castle. The provenance of this timber proved impeccable as it was mentioned in the diary of Emma Dent in 1871 and noted therein as 200 years old at that time, but most compellingly it is the most beautiful piece of wood with its varied and stunning grain patterning. The thickness of the timber has been retained as much as possible along with the maximum width and length possible from the trunk that had been cut down and sectioned. The beautiful walnut top has been paired with an aged metal base, creating a one of a kind table . 

This table is for sale in the Studio, and others like it can be commissioned for our clients, but of course no two will be exactly the same . Upholstered chairs to match can also be commissioned.

Table as seen here 2.2m x 1.1m 

Ledbury Studio bespoke kitchen